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Natural Dentistry Products in Indianapolis

At Dental Care Today in Fishers, our team strives to improve the whole health of our patients using high quality dentistry services. We also offer many nutritional products and sciences to help our patients enjoy healthier lifestyles.

Some of our nutritional products and sciences offered by our natural dentist include:

  • Cell Vitality — Cell Vitality contains naturally occurring ionic minerals that correct the body’s acid base balance and helps maintain an ideal PH range. By taking Cell Vitality, you can help your body repair itself and increase energy. Cell Vitality supports the body and helps fight disease naturally.
  • Heart Smart Screenings — Through Heart Smart, we can offer our patients oral inflammation screenings that can provide patients with critical information about their current health levels. Click on the link to view our brochure.
  • GO Cardio — GO Cardio Extreme fights high blood pressure, stroke, high cholesterol, heart attack and sex drive loss with a blend of necessary amino acids and vitamins. GO Cardio is a safe and effective way to naturally improve your health.
  • GO Multi — GO Multi is an advanced raw food multi-vitamin that is designed to help your body achieve its most favorable nutritional state. GO Multi provides the nutrients a patient would find in a wide range of fruits and vegetables, and is a natural way to increase energy and health.
  • Five Alive Green Vitality — Five Alive Green Vitality offers a variety of products that utilize super greens to provide patients with healthy, natural nutrients.
  • GO Be Calm Magnesium — GO Be Calm Magnesium is a magnesium supplement that corrects magnesium deficiency. Check out the fact sheet by clicking the link.
  • PerioSciences Antioxidant Oral Care — With PerioSciences Antioxidant Oral Care, patients can improve their oral health and prevent periodontal disease with natural antioxidants. This oral care system works best when combined with general dentistry cleanings and a comprehensive dental hygiene program.
  • Slim Raspberry Ketones — GO Slim Raspberry Ketones uses nutrients found in the raspberry fruit to promote weight loss naturally and provides other health benefits including improved concentration, brain function, and circulation.
  • Smooth Vitality — GO Smooth Vitality is a clean, plant-based weight loss shake that can help you manage your weight naturally. Check out the fact sheet by clicking the link.
  • Bottled Water Acidity Information— The most popular bottled waters are highly acidic. At our office, and on this website, we can provide a chart that will inform you and help you make healthier choices concerning bottled water. Click on the link to see how your favorite water brand ranks.

If you are looking for a natural dentist to provide advice or products, give us a call today at our Fishers office in Indianapolis! Dr. Behner is happy to help everyone in the Indianapolis area, including Carmel and Noblesville.

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