Root Canals

Find Toothache Relief in Fishers

toothache relief with root canal therapy in Indianapolis and CarmelEach one of your teeth contains a pulp chamber. Nerves travel from your pulp chamber down small canals in your tooth roots. Sometimes the pulp chamber in your tooth can become infected. When the tooth infection reaches your nerves it can cause a serious, agonizing toothache. At Pence Family Dentistry in Fishers (just east of Carmel), we can solve this problem and save your tooth using a root canal.

Root canals relieve the suffering of patients dealing with a severe toothache. Before root canal therapy, dentists had to extract teeth when the pulp chamber became infected. Root canal therapy allows us to save your tooth and protect it from future infection. Dr. Pence and Dr. Behner have the skill and the experience to clean out the infection in your pulp chamber and ease your toothache. With root canal therapy, our patients can feel comfortable again.

The Root Canal Procedure

root canals for a toothache with a Fishers dentist Indianapolis

  • First Dr. Pence or Dr. Behner will remove the infected tissue in your tooth.
  • Next, your dentist will clean out and disinfect the affected area of your tooth.
  • Once your tooth is sterilized and the infection has been been completely cleared out, your dentist will apply a special antibiotic and seal your tooth again.
  • Root canals are topped with our beautiful, high quality porcelain crowns.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

Many patients expect root canals to be very painful. What these patients don’t realize is that modern dentistry has come a long way. Thanks to the numbing medication we use you shouldn’t have any severe pain during your root canal procedure. You may experience some discomfort once the procedure is done, but nothing so severe that an over the counter pain reliever can’t help.

For patients anxious about having a root canal done, sedation dentistry is a popular option. Sedation dentistry relieves the anxiety associated with a root canal procedure and relieves tooth sensitivity. Our sedation dentistry treatments in Indianapolis are popular for patients receiving a root canal, because sedation dentistry treatments allow them to feel completely comfortable in the chair.

Fix a Tooth Infection With a Root Canal in Fishers

To find out more about root canal therapy, contact us at our office in Fishers. We would be happy to discuss the root canal procedure with you, and to answer any questions you might have. If you are suffering from a toothache in the Indianapolis area, including Fishers and Carmel, let Dr. Pence and Dr. Behner help you find relief today!

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